We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Calgary agency – Wax – for many years. So when Brad Connell contacted us about a shoot for Honda we were super hyped. This one required some production on our end – scouting, models, stylists, hair and make-up etc. We scouted numerous locations, who knew how many soccer fields there were in Calgary? We also brought onboard some of our favourite professionals- Jessica Clark for the styling, and Teslin Ward for hair and makeup.


IMG_7146 FullSizeRenderAfter all of that was arranged there was still the tricky business of how to shoot the photos. We wanted the car to actually be in the photos, but also wanted to light them in a way to make them a bit more “sexy”.

honda scrimIn the end we locked down the tripod and photographed the model(s) first, then with a couple of assistants and our giant scrim, we photographed “perfect” reflections on the cars. Since we have our own photoshop whiz on staff, it allowed us to play around with numerous photos to create the perfect car. (see video)

It was a great challenge and here are the final results.

rr2587-1432-mountains_RET rr2587-0552_RET rr2587-0376_RET rr2587-0004-RET