A few months ago we were approached by the crew at ZGM to do a photo shoot. They had a client (ELEV8 Lacrosse) with a limited budget. Given the economy in Alberta these days, we all have to help each other out so we jumped at the chance to do some creative work while helping another small business.

The agency wanted some dramatic portraits so we discussed lighting and photoshop techniques to come up with the right look. ELEV8 was super-hyped about the idea and suggested look.

Some lacrosse players came over to our studio and we spent an evening taking portraits and having a whole lotta fun. Over the next week, we also went to some practices to take action photos. Let’s just say lacrosse players are in phenomenal shape and the program at ELEV8 produces some top notch athletes, many of whom go on to get scholarships. It took the first practice to get adjusted to the game and figure out how and what to shoot. The second practice the sun was in our favour and we got some great shots.

We’re thrilled with the final shots. They’re going to look fantastic on ELEV8’s new website.
Thanks to Kenna at ZGM, and Geoff and his team at ELEV8 Lacrosse.